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Sustainable development is about giving a helping hand in solving the global and local problems rather than being part of them. Alpex Marine aspires to a society that develops in a positive way, both economically and socially, and we therefore remain focused on our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) in the following areas.

Recognizing the growing need for elder’s house and the lack of thereof, Alpex Marine took the initiatives to construct a home with all the facilities for the aged in 2009.The home is a complete elders’ home with all the necessary facilities to provide a comfortable and enjoyable residence & care for the aged .At present there are about 35 elders are resided and Alpex Marine acts as the principal benefactor and operator of the place.

Provision of donation to needy people and charities provided in the event of execution our social responsibility towards the society. Interest free housing loans are provided to suppliers and employees to enhance the relationship and provide assistance to the development of the local communities

The company provides financial and material supports for all religious institutions and welfare societies in the local communities with the aim of espousing the spiritual and community development of the area.

An in house treatment plan is used in order to purify the waste water generated while processing of goods which reduced the impact to the environment. In order to minimize the noise levels within the factory premises to the surrounding, the company use mufflers which are monitored at regular intervals.

Free transport, accommodation and subsidized meals are provided to all the staff with the aim of enhancing the job satisfaction and motivational factor. To ensure the occupational health & safety measures, all employees are provided with protective guards and other safety equipment to prevent accidents or any health hazards while performing the duties.