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As the pioneer in crustacean seafood exporter to our global customers, Alpex Marine (Pvt) Ltd is committed to providing all our products guaranteeing premium quality, safety and freshness and truly Sri Lankan seafood taste.

The freshly harvested fish are collected, processed and frozen within 12 hours in our
in- house plant using the state of the art processing and storage equipments by the experienced personals under the inspection of professionals of the food processing and quality assurance industries. All the products are stored and package in compliance to the international food safety standards & specifications.

Each batch of items undergo rigorous laboratory test to ensure the expected quality and safety before the deliver. As a result Alpex Marine (Pvt) Ltd can confidently boast about the quality and safety of all of our products.

Our Market Share against total exports Sri lanka

Alpex Marine (Pvt) Ltd has been experiencing continuous growth and expansion of our products via diversification and attracting new markets.

Prawns are an excellent source of high-quality protein and several important vitamins and minerals that support your good health. Prawns are low in calories and contain no carbohydrates. Although the cholesterol content of prawns is significant, these shellfish also contain heart-healthy, omega-3 fatty acids

Farm Black Tiger Prawns

Scientific Name: Penaeus Monodon

This is the most common shrimp species in Sri Lanka with total production of approximately 5000MTs per annum. And Alpex Marine is responsible for over 50% of annual exports.

This product is also available in HLSO.

Flower Prawn

Scientific Name: Penaeus Semisulcatus

This wild caught product is very popular among the Taiwanese. Total Sri Lankan production is similar to that of the ‘White Shrimp’, with Alpex Marine responsible for 60% of the industry.
This product is also available in HLSO, which is mostly consumed by the Japanese.

White Prawn

Scientific Name: Penaeus Indicus

The total Sri Lankan production of this wild caught product is approximately 4000MTs per annum. Alpex Marine is responsible for over 2500MTs of annual exports mostly to the Japanese and the US markets as HLSO.

Fresh Water Prawn

Scientific Name: Macrobrachium Rosenbergi

Caught from inland reservoirs, with total Sri Lankan production is approximately 2000MTs per annum. And Alpex Marine (Pvt) Ltd is responsible for 50-60MTs annually, which is exported to the US market as ‘Ez Peel’ for Barbeque purposes.
This product is also available in HLSO.

Coromandel Shrimp

Scientific Name: Parapenaeopsis Coromandelica

This shrimp is caught on the ocean banks of Sri Lanka, with an annual catch of 200-300 tons. Alpex Marine is responsible for over 100 tons which are catered for local consumption.